T:01 The Journey Begins!


My name is Anya and I’ve been living in Delhi for the past 10 years! We shifted here when my husband got a job at one of the fancy MNC’s and have been stationed here since then. I was thinking about starting my own blog, and the best topic that came to my mind was Parenting! Now, since I’m a mother to two beautiful children, it’s only fair that I write about my experiences of having them and more importantly parenting them.

Reading through various posts, it’s fair to say that there’s almost everything out there you need to know about parenting, but is it really specific to what we as mother need? or is it all available in one little place? Not really.

I will be writing on a lot of things ranging from their behavior, their likes, dislikes, how to let them be on their own, how to be a good mom (well, in my opinion), how to really allow them to grow extensively into individual personalities with making sure they don’t really fall into bad habits or bad company and most importantly, through my extensive research and experiences I’m going to write about what’s best available in today’s times! Also, I’ll be doting on some real useful hacks for shopping online. I’ve been doing this for months and now I feel its the best time to share some of my favorite websites for kids wear online and other baby products.

Wish me luck,

I hop this is a fun journey 🙂


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