T:02 What’s Cookin, Good lookin?

Hey All,

Nutrition and food has always been the center of hundreds of debates worldwide. Whether it’s for moms, dads, grandparents, or kids! We often fail to get the right balance in our everyday lives and struggle a lot throughout to reach that perfect mix.

I, for starters, am a big fan of healthy cooking. You will always find me looking out for those nutritious recipes that will help me build and maintain a healthy lifestyle, after all, nothing is more important than taking care of your body each and everyday.

Today’s post is not about me, but about my kids. Since we moved to Delhi, it’s been a roller coaster ride with numerous shiftings and various outings. My kids love their school food – which is a blessing. Yes, they’re served lunch and they only come back by 5 (Blessing ya?) nit really, when they come back they’re really low on their energy levels and are sometimes cranky. It gets difficult to give them proper nutrients then, as what appeals most is a bowl of maggi!

What I’ve done now, is made a rule. every time they come back from school, they must have an apple of a banana immediately or face the consequences of having a full glass of milk. Works best both ways!!

I was fortunate to have my mom while my kids were really tiny and she introduced me to the benefits of fruits in younger children. I was lucky that my cousins, whenever they flew from America brought in huge bags filled with Organic Baby food which were essentially fruit purees packed in a jar. So whenever the kids got hungry, I popped a jar and fed it to them directly. I thought that was a blessing.

For you, today, if its difficult to source one of these fancy baby food jars from big companies like gerber or hienz, you can easily locate berrytree.

I see that they have these same things, made in Germany and brought to India, tight packed without any preservatives and they work really well. You can locate them here.

Let me know if it works, and let me know how this first post was 🙂



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