T:03 Fashion Forecast for Kids 2021

Latest Children’s Fashion Trends:

The days of pure bliss are over! Ever heard that before? Well, not exactly. As time progresses, everything around you changes eventually. Sometime the change is good, and sometimes it gets harder. Fashion trends are something like that. While winters were cool and easy: you could just pop a sweatshirt on and step out without worrying about how you’d look or throw a heavy jacket on, over a. pair of jeans and all would be okay. Summers are a bit different.You got to look better, you’ve got to match, find a good fit, get alterations and blah blah. Kids fashion is something similar, and when I was talking about blissful days, I was referring to buying fashionable clothes for them! It was easy back then, when our parent went out and got whatever they liked for us. Did we have a say or a choice? Rarely.

When winters were here, I could get her easy-peasy jackets/pullovers without a worry, but now that summers are here, she wants a unicorn t-shirt, unicorn pants, unicorn night suit and even unicorn head band! Where do I get these now?

If you’re a mother and going through similar problem, I’m here to help. My kids are my spies and I have ears everywhere! They’ve told me what’s cool nowadays and what they’d want to wear. Let me share this secret list, so you can get familiar with ‘what kids want’ and be prepared for what’s in store in the coming time.

  1. Organic Clothing: The latest buzz word that makes these kids look cooler. ‘Oh, I’m wearing organic cotton and it’s a dress my cousin got from London. It’s so soft, protects the environment and has really cool design’, Little do they know, that this was ‘MADE IN INDIA’ and is now easily available at berrytree. There you go, I gave you a magic pill.
  2. Stripes: Stripes are the new polkas and the girls are going crazy over them. Look for the super cool grey and orange stripe. It’s going to be in Vogue.
  3. Unicorns: Unicorns and more unicorns. Girls can never have enough of them. Stock up, pile up, grab whatever you can. T-shirts, socks, pants, wallets, caps, dresses and what not! I saw a Unicorn toothbrush somewhere too.
  4. Floral Prints: One of the classics that never go out of style. They will continue to dominate the kids segment this summer too.

There you have it, I spilled all my beans, but that doesn’t mean you eat all of them blindly! Talk to your kids, watch some movies with them. See what they like and imagine what they will look good in. Then decide what’s good and what’s blah!. Fashion is important, but comfort is superior. Don’t just go by what I say, I may sound pushy sometimes, keep your kids closer to you and buy whatever they want. Of course, keep your budgets and limitations in mind.

See Ya!


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