T: 04 A day at the Malls, with a 3 Yr Old Girl.

So, the Pandemic is far from over, but the lockdown has been called off. People are going out, shopping, eating and doing whatever they were doing earlier. There’s a small market near our house, and we can see it bustling with lights and people everyday. The kids at home were bored too, so we decided to take a stroll to the malls.

Now, the problem with 2 smart kids is, that they both have a mind of their own. One of them was super excited to step out, while the other (my 5 Years Old Boy) was still reluctant. Perhaps he was smarter than us (lol). However, we decided to go to the malls, early in the morning when the crowd would be less (supposedly) and come back in a hush. We’d step into a few stores, buy the things we need which included a Unicorn Dress for my girl and maybe a couple of summer T-shirts (since summers are almost here and we must buy something). So we went in, went about the malls and the first thing I noticed was the CROWD!

OMG, so many people. Haha, overwhelming, but true, the pandemic had made us used to seeing very few people in such close proximity from us, and now, when we were in a closed space, even though a big one, it was a bit un-easy for us. Not to get bogged down so easily, we went to our favorite store, tried out a few outfits for myself and the little girl. Now trying outfits just after a lockdown is quite a story in itself, which I shall nassate later. What I’m more interested in is the expressions I got to see on my daughter’s face.

She had Ice Cream sundae at the ice cream parlor (of course, with all due precautions), she tried all the outfits very patiently (rarely the case with this one), she looked at all my options nicely and even complimented me on one of my choices. Now, that’s something really cool! Normally, she’s jumpy and running around, this time she was calmer. Excited, but controlled. I think somewhere between staying at home and taking precautions, my daughter grew up.

It’s an important lesson, the one I learnt today. When everything was available to us, we didn’t value it as much. And now, when everything comes in ration, we like it a lot and accept it more openly. We didn’t find her size in the dress she liked, I told her we’ll just order it online from berrytree, like we did all the time, and she took it sportingly. The pre-pandemic daughter of mine would’ve thrown a fit! Sometimes, when kids grow and learn, we learn with them. Also, I must mention, she was more concerned about the precautions (like sanitizing, cleaning, maintaining a distance and wearing the mask) than me.

I’m happy she’s growing, I’m also happy that I’m growing with her.


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