T:06 Washing the kid’s clothes #IYKYK

There are things we can avoid. there are things we don’t wish to acknowledge and there are things that are completely unavoidable. Taking care of your kid’s clothes is definitely ALL of them! The more you think, the more you get sad. There is absolutely no best way of making sure these clothes are cared for correctly, sometimes the print dies, sometimes the fabric stretches, sometimes there’s a big mark that can’t be removed and sometimes there’s just so many of them, you wish you never bought them.

I’m going to write about what I do with these nasty clothes and the nasty stains. I’ve read a few things here and there, but I honestly suggest you try as many remedies as there are in the books to ensure you’re doing the right thing. Just last week, my little boy cam back from a ‘oh so cool’ football session with his friends at the park. Now, don’t get me wrong, I restrict his movements in the pandemic, but I do allow some playtime with a selected bunch of kids in the neighborhood. Us moms have made a group and are on top of things when it comes to taking precautions. We realized that it was important for the kids to go out and play, well more on that in a later blog. Here, so he came back with a football stain that really looked like it’s going to take a beating to be off.

I soaked it in some warm water and added some VANISH before washing it separately in a bucket. I know it was the last day of this shirt, more so because I knew it would take a long brushing effort (maybe even multiple times) to get rid off the stain. And that’s what happend. However, there was a little twist in the tale. When we went up to the terrace to finally dry the shirt and maybe wash it again the following day, we realized that the shirt was still shining and had not left any lint/threads. I mean to say, that in spite of the rigorous attack on it, the fabric was still holding tight. I figured it was short lived and thought of checking it out in the morning after it was completely dry.

The next day arrived, and to my surprise, the shirt didn’t look as bad as I had imagined it to me. I checked the label and its fabric turned out to be Organic Cotton, my favorite for my boy’s clothing. To be honest, I didn’t think it would last the test of such multiple washing and that all these claims of organic cotton being stronger than regular cotton were just a marketing gimmick. This turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Obviously, I didn’t wash it again and told my boy to wear it for his next session.

Today, he’s worn it a couple of times more, and every time I wash it, it reminds me of my smart thinking while buying this t-shirt. You should too! Buy it from here: Berrytree Kids Wear Boys.

Coming back to the point I was trying to make earlier, I realized that there were three things we must consider while washing and caring for our kid’s clothes:

  1. Must Buy Organic Cotton: It works and its genuinely more fun to wash.
  2. Must Soak the T-shirts before washing: This removes excessive dirt and weakens the stain
  3. Must Wash like colors together: This will avoid your whites from getting dis-colored.

Hope this helps.


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