T:07 The Homework Dilemma.

Kids doing their homework.

Hello Fellas,

I’m back and writing again with a new topic. Something that’s on my mind for a while now. I was busy today the whole day with the boy’s homework. He had some math problems to figure and I was his only go to person. P.S. I don’t allow them to google everything just in the first go, I stress on the fact that they use some of those expensive books they got from school first. More often than not, they take a little extra time, but do figure out what the solutions are. Meanwhile, I slyly google things and learn them (sshhh..)

One of the biggest things we asked when we were in school, especially in our math classes, was that whether these lengthy algebra equations would hold any value in our future, why don’t we just do simpler things instead? Quite frankly, I’m yet to use any of these equations (remember A square + B square equals A + B and blah blah). However, I do feel that these things affect our analytical abilities. Just yesterday, when we were buying some groceries online and a scheme popped up, Buy 3 for 500 or something like that, this little one did some divisions and subractions and multiplications to tell me that this offer was actually a scam.

He said ‘Mom, individually bought, these bags of flour are this much but they are giving it for that much and the actual size of the new bag is 10 grams lesser’ I was like, who are you? My kid’s smart huh. Funny instances aside, these math equations do play an important part in our brains subconsciously. I remember reading a blog about child development and how a kids fashion impacts their thinking, it mentioned something about their analytical ability to express themselves and make decisions on their choice. I thought it was all going over my head, but it may actually make sense someday.

For now, I’m just happy that he’s doing his math problems and not asking me the same questions I asked my parents. Instead, he wants to answer the questions of the book. It doesn’t matter why Alex had 9 bananas and what he’s going to do with them lol.

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