T:08 Women’s Day 2021.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Have I mentioned that we love celebrating little things at home. Yes, that’s true and every time there’s a special day celebrated around us, we celebrate it too. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals (even the smaller ones), Eventful Days like Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Father’s Day, Women’s Day. Daughter’s Day and so on. We, as a family, love celebrating and getting together to have a good time. My mum taught me this, its a bliss to celebrate little things in life and one must do all these to keep the spark going.

So, its Women’s Day and it needs to be celebrated. Luckily, its the weekend and we can celebrate it the whole day on Sunday (yes we did it one day in advance, we’re cool that way). Let me first tell you why we do this and why its important.

It’s a known fact that women aren’t treated equally all around the world, we’re lucky that certain stereotypes don’t exist in our lives, but there’s always room for creeps to enter. With such bad news of rapes, female infanticide, low levels of female literacy, the low level of sex ration of boys to girls- we must give more importance to women and inculcate values of equality among our children. Hubby and I decided way earlier, that we will always treat our kids the same, despite of their genders or anything else. When I got pregnant, the question of a boy or a girl never arose, we were just super excited to welcome a new member to our family. Today, women have reached the greatest pinnacles of success in every field. There are women pilots, women fighter pilots, women army, women military, women police, women leaders, women CEOs, women entrepreneurs, women writers, women actors, women drivers, women workers, women teachers, women doctors..The list is endless. I guess, what I’m trying to say is that women are everywhere and that we must create/maintain an eco-system where they feel welcome. Truly, women do a lot more than men (I’m not just saying that because I’m a women too lol).

So, coming back to my day. I was woken to a sweet surprise, I got bed-tea which was prepared by the husband, just then I say my little girl getting her breakfast too (made by the little boy). We were told to relax and today’s lunch was going to be prepared by the men of the house. Now, normally, I get. a little paranoid when the hubby goes into the kitchen, but on days like these, I feel more calm and let him do whatever he wants. We heard the doorbell ring, I thought it would be a gift (maybe the unicorn night suit for my girl, or maybe a cool t-shirt for myself), but when we opened it, we found a beautifully decorated bouquet with some balloons.

OMG. I love flowers and Lillies are my favorite! Thanks Hubs. The little one was equally excited with the helium balloons (you know the ones that come in cool shapes now, with messages and cartoon characters), she quickly went and put them in her room, right next to her bed. What a wonderful gesture, I thought.

We had a sumptuous lunch, they made my favorite mushroom sauce pasta and the little one gorged on her garlic breads. We played a bit and watched a nice film later. Overall, I had a great day and I’m thankful to God that I have a family that loves and respects women 🙂


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