T:10 What’s this buzz about iphone vs android?

Iphone or Android?

I know I know, this topic isn’t related to kids or parenting or family in general and you may think that I’m technologically challenged like many other moms (stereotypical) or that this isn’t my domain. But the truth is that, this topic is all of the things above and no I’m not technologically challenged (well, a little maybe) and yes its as comfortably my domain as anyone else’s. I pay for these toys and I must know what I’m buying. Lol

In my house, we have a consensus on almost all the things like where to shop online, what to buy. what to eat (sometimes) and where to go, but sometimes, like all other normal families, we do have our own preferences and end up disagreeing with each other. This iphone vs. android is that debate that has still not been solved and we all continue to agree to disagree with each other. Just yesterday, my sister came over and dropped the iphone 12 bomb! How much did she get it for? Don’t even ask. The husband was excited and asked her like 20000 questions (could clearly see where our next paycheck is going). The issue is, he already know the answers and sometimes more than my sister herself. Now don’t get me wrong. I love technology and whatever it brings with it, but all these supposed new features are already there in my very comfortable android. Boo Yeah!

So, the inevitable happened soon, the husband, while completely convinced that he’s getting the new iphone 12 started coaxing my sister to convince me to get one too. Or at least use his for a while as it’ll remain unused after he gets a new one and I get rid of my android. How dare he! haha. I love my phone, and I feel if I can get everything I want like shopping online, buying groceries from my favorite apps (which may not be there on iphone), clicking pictures (I have a better camera), calling friends & family, and most importantly not trading my kidney for it (that’s a joke, don’t be serious), I must be let free to choose what I want.

My phone falls all the time, I just can’t bear the thought of dropping such an expensive thing and watch all my hubby’s hard-earned money go down the drain. The kids, however disagree. They are on the his side, apparently iphone is way cooler (and snobbier) and its socially up lifting. I don’t think so my dear you’re not getting to use my phone anyway, let alone when I get the iphone.

What do you think? Should I cave?


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