T:13. 5 Ways To Keep Your Baby Clean and Hygienic.

Baby wearing Organic Cotton Romper by berrytree.

5 Ways To Keep Your Baby Clean and Hygienic. 

Welcoming their newborn home is one of the most magical and unforgettable experiences for any parent that has no parallel. After a long nine-month period, their sweetheart is with them at last, and life couldn’t be better. 

Though it surely is a joyous time for a parent, we must keep in mind that it can also be equally hectic and overwhelming. You are now responsible for a small, adorable life, and no amount of preparation can completely prepare you for the thousands of questions running through your mind as you do things for the very first time. Becoming slightly panic-stricken at such moments is an understandable, valid response. 

Thus, caring for your little angel can be difficult at first. In this article, we’ll read about the best ways to clean a baby and keep them happy and hygienic at all times. 

Bathe with warm water only.

For adults, cold water may seem ideal on a sweltering summer day, and hot water is perfect to alleviate the chills for a short while in the winter, but neither should be used to bathe your little angel. While bathing a baby, the water temperature should always be lukewarm. According to reports, a temperature of 100 degrees F (about 37 degrees Celsius) is spot-on as it prevents both a chill and a burn. 

Clip the nails frequently

As the nails of a newborn grow quite swiftly, you’ll want to clip them at least twice a week. Remembering to keep the baby’s nails trimmed is important because dirt can gather quickly underneath the nails, putting your angel in significant danger when they inevitably suck on their little fingers and toes. They may also end up scratching their face or arms if the nails are too long. 

If you’re wondering how to clean baby fingernails best, we’ve got the answer. Washing hands and feet thoroughly during a bath is pivotal, and you can make use of a baby nail clipper to cut their cute nails safely. 

On the lookout. 

Although your baby may not yet be able to trot about, they can certainly squirm, flail, kick and harm themselves in the process. Thus, while bathing babies or cleaning them on a flat surface, it’s always a bit risky to leave them unattended or look away, even if it’s just for a few seconds. 

To dodge any untoward incidents, be certain to have all the cleaning supplies you may need with you and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Placing a hand on a baby or carrying them along if you’ve forgotten something or need to run a quick errand helps keep them secure too. 

Drying your sweetheart’s hair. 

After washing baby hair during the bath, the right move is to dry the hair first as it usually takes time to dry. You can avoid letting the wet hair sit for too long by patting the hair gently with a towel. 

When you encounter a cradle cap (yellowish scales on baby’s scalp) do not fret. Simply apply baby hair oil and massage to loosen the scales, which will then fall out the next time you wash your angel’s hair. 

Caring for the stump. 

Cleaning the belly-button stump is something many parents are often nervous about, and for good reason. However, as long as you keep it clean, dry, control any urges to pull it off yourself and let it come off on its own, you (and the stump) will be totally fine. 

Keeping it dry involves exposing it to air as often as possible, and fanning or patting the stump with a soft cloth after a bath. Diapers must never cover the stump as the accumulation of germs and bacteria may infect it. If you come across oozing, redness or a foul smell originating from the stump, contact your trusted paediatrician immediately. 

How often should you bathe and clean your baby?

Now that we’ve seen the different ways to keep babies clean and hygienic, let’s take a look at how often babies should be cleaned, as we do not wish to irritate their sensitive skin. 

While we understand the impulse to bathe a baby daily in a bid to keep any infections at bay, reports reveal that bathing thrice a week is perfectly adequate to keep them clean and tidy. Wash any more than that, and you run the risk of drying the skin and leaving the baby vulnerable to eczema. Unless a bath cannot be avoided, in cases of a diaper blowout or excessive spillage, you can just clean the baby between baths with a spick-and-span cloth. 

Focus on areas that seem prone to getting dirty rather quickly, such as the chin, underarms and the dirty bits sandwiched between the skin folds. Then pat dry with another clean towel, and the baby is completely sanitary for the day!

Please remember that everyone can make a mistake, and the journey to knowing everything perfectly one day begins by making mistakes sometimes and learning from them. While you traverse the magical process of parenting, following these simple ways to keep baby clean will ensure that they are never plagued by dirt and infection.

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