T:22 Summer safety and health for your kids

A child riding a bicycle wearing a helmet.

Summer safety and health for your kids

We are in peak summertime now, and many children are itching to get outside. While that is not possible in the current situation, we can take steps to ensure children remain safe and engaged at home. Keeping the pandemic in mind, here are a few things you will need to ensure you take care of for your children before the monsoon arrives. You will also need to get the right clothing for your girls or boys.

Keeping themselves hydrated

The biggest risk in the summer — even if you are indoors — is dehydration. In their excitement to get around and be active, your children may forget to keep themselves hydrated. Ensure they are drinking boiled or purified water. You can give them a banana or two as a supplement. This is a better combination than fizzy energy drinks or fancy bars sold in retail stores. Watch out for symptoms of dehydration: dizziness, headache, nausea, muscle cramps and lethargy. Sometimes, boys tend to burn our sooner than girls.

Eating a balanced healthy diet 

Along with being hydrated, you need to make sure they are eating well. This means including a good portion of vegetables and fruits in their diet. You can come up with fun ways to do this: make fancy-looking salads, homemade burgers, smoothies, fruit sorbets, and fresh fruit juices. Anything that will get them excited about eating fruits and vegetables. 

Protecting themselves from the sun

Take this time to teach your children the importance of protecting their skin from the sun. Sunscreen or sunblock is important even if they aren’t out all day. Teach them to incorporate this into their routine. Purchase sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher and let them apply it once in the morning and reapply it during the day, especially when it gets washed off due to sweat or water. 

Allergy check 

First things first: check if there is a history of allergies in your family. Maybe something you had or your parents had. Likely, your children may also develop these allergies. If you notice your child having a runny nose, coughing a lot and finding it difficult to breathe, or breaking out in hives and feeling itchy all over, they may be allergic to something around them. Check their surroundings for any environmental triggers like pollen, dust, smoke, pet hair to determine any external factors. If they complain of stomach ache and nausea repeatedly, it might be because they are allergic to what is in their food. If you suspect they might have an allergy, consult an allergist immediately. 

COVID check-up

In times like these, it always pays well to be extra cautious and take precautionary measures. Monitor your child’s health even if they are at home all day. If your child shows any signs of a fever or any symptoms of the virus, do consult your family doctor to decide what can be done. Read up on home remedies, keep fever medication and other equipment like steam inhalers close at hand to be prepared. The important thing is to not panic. 

Paediatrician consultation

This is healthy practice: schedule appointments with your paediatrician regularly. Undoubtedly, it is better to physically visit the clinic so that the paediatrician can examine your child’s health closely, but this may not be possible in the current situation. But do not worry, you can still schedule virtual appointments to keep them updated about your child’s progress and health conditions. Also, ensure that you take any recommendations they make to protect your child better. 

These tips, along with moderate physical activity inside the house or in your garden can help keep your children healthy and keep up their morale. This can serve handy to prepare them for the rains and ensure they are keeping safe. 

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