T:24 Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids Through Sports

Kids playing football, an excellent sport to teach great life lessons.

Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids Through Sports

As your children start growing, it becomes important to impart lifelong foundational learning that will stay with them for decades to come. Like we’ve said before, the things kids learn in their formative years go on to become their values in life. So it becomes even more important to teach your kids good values as early as possible. And what better way to teach kids life lessons than sports? Here are some things you can start teaching your little ones through playing and learning about sports:

  1. Mastering the Basics- When kids reach the age of 8-10 they want to learn cool game moves. Parents often hear young ones asking to learn the three-pointer or tricks of the games they play. As a parent, it becomes important to remind your child that practising and perfecting dribbling before they go for the three-pointer. Working hard on fundamental moves for months can help your kids realise the value of perfecting the foundation they can build value on. Not just in games, but in life.
  1. The Value of Teamwork- Nobody went a million miles alone. Team sports and play helps children understand that the world is bigger than them. It helps instil values of selflessness in children. Team sports help children look beyond what they want and see what is needed for the whole team to succeed. For example, watching sports with your kids and teaching them how a score happened because everyone did what they are good at and not what they wanted to can help them learn this value. This can also help them see that how everyone doing their job on a team can lead to big goals being achieved. Not only this, team sports can help children understand empathy. Like when one player misses, you don’t come down on them. Instead, you lift them and help them play to their strengths.
  1. Your Mistakes don’t define you but learn from them- This is crucial especially when watching games with your children. They are very impressionable and can often form a polar opinion on something. The perfect time to teach your kids the lesson of mistakes is when their favourite player makes one. Make them realise that mistakes don’t define people. One bad moment, one miss, one point for the other team does not make their favourite player a bad player. Reminding your child of this player’s achievements can help reinforce that making mistakes isn’t inherently bad. But it is important to follow up this lesson with the importance of learning from your mistakes. Many a time, kids playing sports can make more mistakes to cover up the first one, and this also happens in the game we call life. Teach your kids to own up to their mistakes, forgive themselves, learn and move on. Making the same mistake over and over again can damage a child’s self-confidence and faith in themself. Make sure you teach this important lesson early on.
  1. The importance of pausing and taking your time- One of the best lessons kids can learn from sports is to pause and take your time. This sounds counterintuitive since sports are all about agility and focus. But if you teach your kids to take that one little second before shooting their shot or take that one moment to grab the ball sturdy before they start running, this lesson can bring a lifetime of value. Looking ahead instead of staying in the moment to focus on the present can cost big players games and titles. Taking that one moment of being present in the moment and pausing to be here can help your children not only excel at the sport they play but also help them navigate the difficult challenges of life as they grow.

Sports can teach kids so many things. Watching, playing, and engaging in sports conversations are all forms of excellent family bonding. Get playing with them today.

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